Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I Love Lucy" and Things Lost

So one morning I am watching an episode of “I Love Lucy” before work and Lucy and Ethel are in a battle with Ricky and Fred because they want to wear jeans and flannel shirts to the movies. The girls are aghast, what would the neighbors think, the bridge club girls will never let them play again, and they’ll be ostracized from society. How could they even suggest such a hideous thing? I laughed and thought what would the folks of the 50’s think of the world now?  And then just as quickly I also thought how sad for the things we have lost as we have “evolved” over the last few decades.  Not that I am old enough to remember those days exactly.  But I really loved when people dressed to go out for dinner or the movies or basically anytime they left the house. Go to Walmart now and you can find people shopping in their pajamas. It seems no one cares how they look when they leave the house, dare I say, no pride in themselves. I look back at pictures of my parents when they were dating in the 50’s and they always looked amazing. Dad in nice dress pants and shirts, sometimes a jacket, and always his hat. Mom would have on a nice dress and shoes, hair done, looking so beautiful.  And all my memories of my grandparents, they were always dressed nicely. Grandmother always wore a dress, we could never talk her into a nice pant suit.  And thinking back, all of my friends’ parents were the same way. I wished we still dressed that way sometimes.

I am sad when I think of the manners we have lost or put aside for modern times. My Dad is the old school gentleman, having been raised in the south in the 30’s and 40’s. He believes in holding doors and chairs for ladies, tipping his hat (and yes he still wears a hat). Those are things gentleman did in the old days. Those are the things my grandfather did and taught him to do, because that’s the way the world was then. And yes you still occasionally find gentlemen who hold doors, but it’s few and far between. Manners and politeness aren’t taught anymore.  I am sad because we can’t leave our doors and windows opened anymore for fear someone will come in and take our children in the middle of the night.  That our children don’t have the freedom to roam and play in the woods the way that we did as kids. I am sad that we have to look under our cars and in the back seats before we get in. I am sad that we have to live in a world of fear that our children must grow up in and never know the kind of world we lived in, the simple kind. I would love to go back and live in the worlds of “I Love Lucy”, “Andy Griffith” and “Father Knows Best”.

My Grandmother’s kitchen was that kind of environment for me. I can remember her telling me she didn’t understand what the world was coming to. This was the world in the 60’s, so just imagine the “horrors” she was seeing. She was disappointed, men with long hair, women wearing pants like men, and what was passing for music these days. How would she react to the world now, how disappointed would she be in what she would see?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hummingbirds and A Back Porch

Ok, I have to apologize for going so long in writing but its summer and we just seem to be busier than usual this time.  Took an unexpected trip to visit friends in their new home and was reminded just how wonderful it is to slow down and relax.  They live what seems like hundreds of miles from civilization but in reality is less than 20 miles from a “one horse town”. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of a world that is moving too fast these days. I sat on their back porch watching the hummingbirds fight over the flowers and wished for more times like these to slow down and just enjoy what is around me. It rained of course, if you were in the south the last week or so, you’ve been rained on, a lot. But it didn’t change how much I enjoyed the peace and solitude of that beautiful back yard.

When I was young, I thought that the fact my Grandmother didn’t have a T.V. was horrible, I thought she was missing out on something and didn’t know it. She said she didn’t need to watch that “junk”, she had plenty to keep her mind occupied and to enjoy.  She loved to garden and although it was a necessity to help feed us, she really enjoyed planting and watching things grow. She loved music and we would sit for hours in front of the old piano, playing songs and singing. Or we’d grab a book and sit by the fire and read. I loved those times, I miss those times.  Life was simple then, everything moved at a slower pace. I saw a small portion of that again on the back porch of a friend’s house deep in the woods and I loved it.